About CCI Development Group of Companies

The CCI Development Group of Companies (“CCI”) specializes in real estate development and investment activities in Canada.

One of the key areas that CCI has focused on (since 1998) is the acquisition, remediation and sustainable redevelopment of brownfield properties - properties with real or perceived environmental contamination issues – in markets across Canada.

CCI has a flexible approach to brownfield investment opportunities, often partnering with owners, builders and other stakeholders to successfully redevelop brownfield properties in a sustainable manner and return them to productive use.

CCI can offer owners of brownfield properties protection through risk management and transfer mechanisms related to environmental liabilities that are associated with environmentally contaminated properties.

CCI is 100% Canadian owned and is currently involved in projects which have a total build-out value of in excess of $3Billion.

The CCI Development Group of Companies includes Caltor Properties Limited, and all business and brownfield redevelopment activities that are carried out by Cherokee Canada Inc.

"For Every Acre of Reused Brownfields
An Estimated
4.5 Acres Of Unused
Green Space Is Preserved"

Proven Canadian Track Record and Expertise

CCI Development Group of Companies

• Experienced, multi-disciplinary Canadian team

• 30+ years of direct experience in managing real estate developments

• In-house and external team at CCI and affiliates includes environmental scientists and risk management specialists supplemented by leading third-party real estate development consultants

• Experience with a broad spectrum of environmental issues including petroleum, solvents, PCBs, metals, pesticides, and asbestos

• Comprehensive environmental indemnity for sellers backed by tailored, property specific, Environment insurance where applicable

Strategic Partners

Kimco Reality

Kimco Realty Corp. (NYSE: KIM) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) headquartered in New Hyde Park, N.Y.



Cherokee is an investment company that blends capital with creativity, and social returns for investors, partners and communities


North American Development Group

Established its leasing and property management company in 1991



Centrecorp was established to provide the marketplace with a property management company that has an entrepreneurial philosophy.


“ The secret to the successful implementation of this project is simple. We just brought together the best people and understood that we were facing a task that is unique in its scale & significance. ”

John Dill

Managing Partner

John Dill

Managing Partner at Cherokee Canada Inc

John Dill.Mr. Dill is the Managing Partner at CCI Development Group of Companies, a real estate investment and development company, and has more than 30 years of experience. As President of Caltor Properties Limited since 1985, Mr. Dill has participated in the development and sale of land resulting in the sale and construction of over 4,000 residential housing units. In 2004, Mr. Dill co-founded Cherokee Canada Inc., a leading brownfield redevelopment company in Canada, partnering with Cherokee Investment Partners, LLC, (the largest brownfield redevelopment company in the US) on a number of projects